NNR Programme Manager Nuclear Technology and Waste Projects, Mr Thiagan Pather participates in a global team selected by the IAEA to conduct the 2019 IRRS Mission to Canada

The Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) is one of the services offered to Member States by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The purpose of an IRRS mission is to compare a country’s regulatory practices with international standards and equivalent good practices elsewhere in the world.

IRRS mission review teams comprise senior regulators recruited by the IAEA from other Member States. The review team is accompanied by IAEA staff, who coordinate their activities and provide administrative support. IAEA staff also participate in the review activities.

The IRRS approach is based on a self-assessment designed to support continuous improvement among Member States. There are three phases to an IRRS mission:

  • Phase 1: The regulator under review completes a self-assessment based on IAEA safety standards, in order to identify strengths and potential improvements to its regulatory framework and regulatory practices, and to develop an action plan to address identified deficiencies.
  • Phase 2: The IRRS mission is conducted by a review team, who ultimately identifies recommendations, suggestions for improvement, and best practices.
  • Phase 3: A follow-up mission is conducted to assess progress in implementing the recommendations from the initial mission and to identify further good practices.

IRRS mission 2019
Canada has requested an IRRS mission for 2019. The IRRS mission will be conducted in September 2019, and the follow-up mission timing will be determined by the review team at a later date. Follow-up missions are typically conducted two to four years after the main mission.
At the conclusion of the 2019 mission, as well as after the follow-up mission, a report outlining the mission’s findings will be prepared and made available to the public.