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In a nuclear emergency

If an accident occurs at a nuclear power plant near you, stay calm and listen to your local television or radio stations for updates and instructions from your state and local officials.

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International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems, 13-16 February 2023

NNR stakeholders update on Thyspunt NISL application

Invitation to serve as Chairperson of Pelindaba PSIF

Ionising radiation in the work place for medical practitioners

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Announcement of National Nuclear Regulator Public Hearings for the Thyspunt site

• The National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa will hold hybrid public hearings in relation to the Nuclear Installation Site Licence application received from Eskom Holdings SOC Limited for the Thyspunt site.

• The Nuclear Installation Site Licence application is limited to the evaluation of the suitability of the Thyspunt site for a new nuclear installation.

• The public hearings will be held on 25 August 2021 at the Cape St Francis Resort Conference Centre, St Francis Bay and on the 26 August 2021 at the Mentors Conference Venue, Jeffreys Bay.

In run up to the public hearings the National Nuclear Regulator will hold public information sharing sessions to provide members of the public with more information on the Thyspunt site licence application project.

Members of the public are invited to attend information sessions that will be held as follows:

• Session1:
Venue: Sea Vista Civic Centre
Date: Tuesday, 17th August 2021
Time: 14h00
Programme Session 1 – 17 August 2021 Sea Vista venue

• Session 2:
Venue: Humansdorp – KwaNomzamo Civic Centre
Date: Tuesday, 17th August 2021
Time: 18h00
Programme Session 2 – 17 August 2021 Humansdorp venue

• Session 3:
Venue: Hankey Centerton – Vusumzi Landu Civic Centre
Date: Wednesday, 18th August 2021
Time: 18h00
Programme Session 3 – 18 August 2021 Hankey venue

Members of the public are welcome to attend.
For more information , please contact; Vicky Seitei on 082 0796301 or send an email to