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Diplomatic Conference to address a Proposal from Switzerland to amend Article 18 of the Convention on Nuclear Safety

DIPLOMATIC CONFERENCE TO ADDRESS A PROPOSAL FROM SWITZERLAND TO AMEND ARTICLE 18 OF THE CONVENTION ON NUCLEAR SAFETY In December 2013, Switzerland submitted to the Director General of the IAEA a proposal to amend Article 18 of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS). At the 6th Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the CNS […]

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Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure

SELF-ASSESSMENT OF REGULATORY INFRASTRUCTURE The NNR has completed the Lifecycle 1 of the Self-Assessment under IAEA project RAF/9/038 “Promoting Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructures for Safety and Networking of Regulatory Bodies in Africa. Lifecycle 1 included the assessment of Core Modules and one Thematic Module in the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT), and national actions related to non-compliance […]

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Establishment of the South African Centre of Excellence for Nuclear Safety

ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR NUCLEAR SAFETY Currently, South Africa does not have a dedicated centre or institution for nuclear safety which provides, among other needs, a continuous supply of personnel trained in nuclear safety to serve the needs of the nuclear regulatory body and the nuclear industry in general. Other […]

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