Uploading Records

Upload Template 

An Excel template was developed for the upload of records to the NDR. The template was tested, reviewed and updated in line with improvements identified during the pilot studies.

The template includes the following fields:

  • Regulatory authority number;
  • Company identification details;
  • Worker identification particulars ;
  • Worker status and activities;
  • Effective doses and time periods;
  • Additional dose information; and
  • Reference list (country name, practice code).

NDR User Manual


Data Upload Mechanism

During the testing phase all data providers were assigned a master account responsible for the creation of subaccounts and uploading records. Nuclear authorisation holders were granted access to upload all their records while dosimetry service providers will upload all records from medical, industrial and scientific authorisation holders.

The upload frequency of records is performed in line with authorisation conditions and data providers are responsible for the confidentiality and accuracy of records. Worker consent is captured in the NDR and controlled through the data providers’ internal policies. Auditable access trails are also built into the system.