• Applications in Progress

    The NNR received an application for a Nuclear Installation Licence (NIL) from Eskom on 4th May 2020 to site, construct, operate and decommission a Temporary Interim Storage Facility (TISF) at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station in Cape Town. Eskom plans to store the six Steam Generators planned for replacement on an interim basis on the Koeberg site in a dedicated facility that forms part of the TISF. It is envisaged that the TISF will also be used at a later stage for storage of dry spent fuel casks. The NNR has accepted the TISF application and instructed Eskom to publish the application for notice and comment. Please note that Appendix 2 and 3 of the application are internal controlled disclosures and therefore cannot be published on the website.

  • NISL Documents

    NNR NISL Licensing Process
    Western Cape Provincial Gazette
    Staatskoerant, 16 September 2016
    Eastern Cape Gazette
    NNR Regulation Licencing of sites for new nuclear power plants
    PP-0009 – Nuclear Authorisations for NI’s
    S-0032-E M-0115 NISL Application Thyspunt
    S-0033-E M-0116 NISL Application Duynefontyn
    Cape times 25 July (Scan A)
    Cape times 25 July
    (Scan B)
    PE EXPRESS 27 Jul 2016
    HERMANUS 28 Jul 2016
    KOUGA EXPRESS 28 Jul 2016
    Tabletalk 28 Jul 2016
    Burger Oos 29 Jul 2016
    Burger wes 29 Jul 2016
    The Herald 29 Jul 2016
    Western Cape Government Provincial Gazette 29 Jul 2016
    Eastern Cape Provincial Gazette 8 Aug 2016
    Notice of Application for a Nuclear Installation Site License 8 Aug 2016
    Application for a Nuclear Installation Site License
    for the Thyspunt and Duynefontyn sites 29 Aug 2016
    NISL Correspondence
  • Applications in Progress