Protecting persons,
property and the environment
Protecting persons,
property and the environment

Nuclear Authorisations

List of Authorisations

AuthorisationsNuclear Installations (NIL)
NIL 01Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
Nuclear Installation Licence No.NIL-01(Variation 20)
NIL 02SAFARI 1 Research Reactor
NIL 03P2700 Complex
NIL 04Thabana Complex comprising the following facilities:
Thabana Pipe Store
Thabana Radioactive Waste Storage Facility: Thabang Containerised Radioactive Waste Storage Facility
NIL 05HEU Vault-K0090
NIL 06A-8 Decontamination
NIL 07Building A West Drum Store
NIL 08ELPROD in Building P 2ELPROD in Building P 2600
NIL 09UMET in Building P 2600
NIL 10Conversion Plant Complex
NIL 11Area 14 Waste Management Complex
NIL 12Quarantine Storage Facility
NIL 13V YB Pelindaba East Bus Shed Complex
NIL 14Pelindaba East Evaporation Ponds Complex
NIL 15Oil Purification Facility
NIL 16Area 21 Storage Facility
NIL 17BEVA K3 Storage Complex
NIL 18Area 16 Complex
NIL 19Area 40 Complex
NIL 20Area 27 De Heeling Facility
NIL 21J Building
NIL 22D Building
NIL 23C Building
NIL 24Building P 2800
NIL 25Building XB
NIL 26BEVA Eva Poration Ponds
NIL 27Building P 2800
NIL 28NIL 28 Vaalputs national Radioactive Waste Disposal
NIL 29Area 26
NIL 30E Building
NIL 31Dorbyl Camp
NIL 32X Building
NIL 33Building P 1500
NIL 34YM Vacuum Workshop
NIL 35V H Building Laboratories
NIL 36P 1900 Laboratories
NIL 37P 1600 Laboratories
NIL 38Fuel Development Laboratories Complex
NIL 39NTP Radiochemicals ComplexNTP Radiochemicals Complex
NIL 40Pelindaba Analytical LaboraPelindaba Analytical Laboratories (PAL)tories (PAL)
NIL 41LiquiLiquid Effluent Treatment Facility Complexd Effluent Treatment Facility Complex
NIL 42B1-Building Basement
NIL 44NIL 44 Variation 0

NIL 44 Variation 1

NIL 44 Variation 2

COE NumberName of COE HolderType of COE Issued
COE 02Oranje Mynbou En Vervoer MaatskappyyCondition for reclaimation of gypsum
COE 03Nitrogen Products (Pty) LimitedCondition for reclaimation of gypsum
COE 04Oranje Mynbou En Vervoer MaatskappyConditions for reclaimation and release of waste rocks
COE 10Dino Properties (Pty) LtdConditions for clean up of land
COE 12The Maretsel Property Trust DevelopersConditions for removal of Tailing footprint

NVL NumberName of Holder
NVL 15Team Spirit Merchant Vessel
NVL-16Ocean Bird (merchant vessel)

COR NumberName Of COR HolderType of COR Issued
COR-2Anglogold Ashanti Limited (Vaal River Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-5ARMgold/Harmony Freegold Joint Venture ARMgold/Harmony Freegold Joint Venture Company (Pty) Ltd (Tshepong, Matjhabeng & Bambani Operations)Company (Pty) Ltd (Tshepong, Matjhabeng & Bambani Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-6ARMgold/Harmony Freegold Joint Venture Company (Pty) Ltd (Joel operation)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-7African Rainbow Minerals Gold Limited (Welkom Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-10Avgold Limited – Target DivisionAvgold Limited – Target DivisionMining and Mineral Processing
COR-11Gravelotte MGravelotte Mines Limitedines LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-13MTC DemolitionScrap Processor
COR-16Nuclear Fuels Corporation of SA (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-18South Deep Joint VentureMining and Mineral Processing
COR-20Foskor Limited (Phalaborwa)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-23Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-25Eggerding SA (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-26Richards Bay Iron and Titanium (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-27Foskor Limited (Richards Bay)Fertiliser Manufacturer
COR-28Randfontein Estates Limited-(Kusasaletheu)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-30Mine Waste Solutions (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-33Rampete Metal Processors (Pty) LtdScrap Processor
COR-37Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (Free State Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-38Omnia Phosphates (Pty) LtdFertiliser Manufacturer
COR-40ARMgold/Harmony Freegold Joint Venture Company (Pty) Ltd (St Helena)Mining and Mineral Processing Operations
COR-43Tronox KZN SandsMining and Mineral Processing
COR-50Rappa Resources (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-53East Rand Proprietary Mines LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-57Crown Gold Recoveries Pty LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-58Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited – Randfontein OperationsMining and Mineral Processing
COR-59Industrial Zone LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-61Sedex Minerals (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-64Potchefstroom Plastiek Herwinning BKScrap Processor
COR-66MintekSmall User
COR-69Sibanye Gold Limited (Driefontein Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-70Sibanye Gold Limited (Kloof Operation)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-71Sibanye Gold Limited (Beatrix Operation)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-77Anglo American Research Laboratories (Pty)Small User
COR-86Glenover Phosphate Limited (Mining Site) OperationMining and Mineral Processing
COR-87Rand Refinery LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-92The Forensic Science Laboratory, SA PoliceSmall User
COR-100South African Airforce (SAAF),Department of Defence (DoD), RSAMining and Mineral Processing
COR-101The Reclamation Group (Pty) Ltd (Richards Bay)Scrap Processor
COR-104South African Port Operations (Dry Bulk Terminal – Richards Bay a Division of Transnet Limited)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-106Mineral Sands Resources Pty LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-107Vesuvius South Africa (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-111Bosveld PhosphateFertiliser Manufacturer
COR-112Scaw Metals GroupScrap Processor
COR-116Tswelopele Beneficiation OperationsMining and Mineral Processing
COR-118GoldPlats Recovery LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-131East Rand Beneficiation (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-137Manos Engineering (Pty) LtdRefurbishers
COR-138Bright Refining (Pty) LtdScrap Processor
COR-140China African Precious Metals (PTY) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-141Palabora Copper (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-142Pan African Resources – Evander Gold MiningMining and Mineral Processing
COR-143Zirco Roode HeuwelMining and Mineral Processing
COR-144Scamont Engineering (Pty) LtdRefurbisher
COR-148Saldanha Dry Bulk Terminal CcMining and Mineral Processing
COR-149Cronimet RSA (Pty) LtdScrap Processor
COR-150Minrite (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-151Covalent Water Company (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-152SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Cooke operations)Laboratories
COR-153Resource Reference Materials (Pty) LtdSmall User
COR156South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa); calibration padsMining and Mineral Processing
COR-159North West ReclaimingScrap Processor
COR-160Shiva Uranium OneMining and Mineral Processing
COR-164Sulzer Pumps (SA) LimitedRefurbisher
COR-165Uramin Mago LukisaMining and Mineral Processing
COR-178Durban Container Terminal – Business Unit of SA Port OperationsMining and Mineral Processing
COR-180SA Port Operations – Container Terminal Cape TownMining and Mineral Processing
COR-181Transnet Limited (SA Port Operations -Multipurpose Terminal,Saldanha bay)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-182Buffelsfontein Gold Mine LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-186AfriSam (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-190Ezulwini Mining Company LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-195Houlgon Uranium & Power (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-197Gold Reef City Theme ParkMining and Mineral Processing
COR-199Uramin Mago LukisaMining and Mineral Processing
COR-201A&S Mining SuppliesRefurbisher
COR-203Cemo Pumps (Pty) LtdRefurbisher
COR-215Margaret Water CompanyMining and Mineral Processing
COR-216Paddy’s Pad 1183 (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-217Cango Caves Oudtshoorn MunicipalityMining and Mineral Processing
COR-218Grindrod Terminals (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-219Sibanye Gold Eastern Operations (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-225New Kleinfontein Goldmine (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-226Rand Uranium (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-228Ergo Mining (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-230ALS Chemex South Africa (Pty) LimitedLaboratories
COR-236Reclaim Invest 101 (Pty) LimitedScrap Processor
COR-238Tronox (Namakwa Sands Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-242Enviro Mzingazi Gypsum (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR_246NTP Logistics (Pty) LimitedSmall User
COR-248Foskor Zirconia (Pty) LimitedMining and Mineral Processing
COR-252Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (South Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-253Avgold Limited (North Operations)Mining and Mineral Processing
COR-257Samco Investments (Pty) LimitedScrap Processor
COR-258SA Metal and Machinery Co (Pty) LimitedScrap Processor
COR-260African Mineral Standards (a division of Set Point Industrial Technology (Pty)Ltd)Laboratories
COR-261North West UniversityLaboratories
COR-263Aklin Carbide (Pty) LtdRefurbisher
COR-264Umhlathuze Imports and ExportsSmall User
COR-265Tau Lekoa Gold Mining Company (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-266Nicolor (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-268Far East Gold Special Purposes Vehicle (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-269Newshelf 1186 (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-270Trans-Med ShippingSmall User
COR-271Taurus Africa Scrap MetalScrap Processor
COR-272Sasol Gas LtdService Provider
COR-273È&A Belt Sales CCScrap Processor
COR-274Freight Facilitators (Pty) LtdService Provider
COR-275Vosloo and Lloyd Investments (Pty) Ltd T/A Scrapcore SecundaScrap Processor
COR-276Aquatro Investments CCScrap Processor
COR-277Donnlee Pump Tech (Pty) LtdScrap Processor
COR-279Harmony Moab Khotsong Operations (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-281DRD Gold Far West Gold Recoveries (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-282Kopanang Gold Mining Company(Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-283Access World (South Africa) Pty LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-284Ncamiso Trading (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-285C. Steinweg Bridge (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-286LightDeepEarth (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-288Lemowe (Pty) LtdRefurbisher
COR-289Bomamba Trading (Pty) LtdScrap Processor
COR-291Nanoretech Processing (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-292EnviroServ Waste Management (Pty) LtdScrap Processor
COR-294Golden Core Trade and Invest (Pty) LtdMining and Mineral Processing
COR-295Deton Engineering (Pty) LtdRefurbisher


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